The Man Spell

Fancy a quickie?  Here’s a short naughty scene to get you in the mood. After all, it’s bedtime isn’t it?  Lay back and let the magic happen…


My name is Franny Carbunkle and I’m a witch. I’ve been a very naughty witch.  Today I was at the Renaissance festival – I confess I love those events.  It’s the only time of year I can dress as myself.

Franny knickers

A delicious-looking man dressed as Robin Hood walked towards me. He wore the most wonderful tight, green hose. Inside the material showed the promise of delicious man-ness. He stared at my boobs.  I’d dressed naughtily and my nipples were slightly visible. He winked as I passed by.

“Are you a naughty Robin?” I asked him.

“Why don’t you cast a spell on me and find out?”

“Why not!”

Before you could say, Abracadabra, I whipped out my wand and whispered the Man Spell.

Robin’s cheeky grin transformed into a very horny ‘fuck me,’ look. I took him by the hand, and together we sought out a dark little corner for our sexy magic.

There was a secluded, but convenient, little hut behind the Drench The Wench enclosure. I took him there, and with a flick of my wand, he stripped naked in front of me.

“Enchanting,” I said. Robin had a worthy magical wand of his own. “Let’s see what yours can do.”

Robin slipped his finger inside my corset and flicked my pert nipple. He pushed the fabric down and sucked me so hard I lowered my wand. “Hey Presto,” I screamed.

Robin’s free hand reached down to remove my panties. He dropped to his knees and his tongue sought my clitoris. He was a rough sucker, but I liked it, especially when his fingers pushed deep inside me. I could feel my wetness smother his hand.

“Fuck me now, Robin.”

At my command he turned me round and I held onto the back of a chair. His fat cock pushed deep inside me and his rough hands squeezed my pointy tits. He fit me so perfectly it was just like magic!

“Do you want me to come inside you, Mistress?” he asked.  He pounded faster now, and I could tell he was ready to spill his seed.

“Make me come first,” I said, and with a flick of my wand he slowed down and started to stroke me, his cock still inside.

“Hocus Pocus!” I screamed.  My orgasm was so intense I burned. While I still rode the flames, Robin resumed his violent pounding.

“Oh my sweet Witch,” he called out as his semen pumped into me. It felt so good I dropped my wand.

I turned.  He was a beautiful man thing. Sweat covered his taut skin and I licked some from his nipple.

Ever so politely, he re-tied my corset, and held my panties so I could step into them. He dressed himself, then handed me my wand.

“Thank you Mistress,” he said, as he walked to the door. “Oh, there’s something I should’ve told you outside.”

“What’s that?”

“Your wand is broken.” He winked, and walked away.

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