Franny Carbunkle sat by the window and stared at the frogs as they leapt on the frosty grass. Her new wand dangled idly in her hand, and every now and then she’d point it at a sparrow and ‘zap,’ she’d create a new frog.  Franny sighed, bored with her day.

franny carbunkle


The street was quiet, it was Thanksgiving morning and everybody stayed warmly inside, sharing the holiday with family and friends. Tired of messing with birds, Franny set about making herself a nice cup of tea.  Once ready, her rosy lips puckered together to cool the beverage down, and as she did so, she surveyed her humble home. Photographs of her posing with celebrity humans adorned every inch of wall space. Most were signed “To Franny, my favorite sexy witch,” or something very similar.

Pah! Today they were just blank faces on the wall that gave her no pleasure. What she really wanted at this moment was some hot and horny man flesh – which would be hard to find with all the lovely man-things hidden away for the holidays.  Franny’s eyes landed on a picture of Jed Carter, a 1980s soap actor she’d lusted after as a teen-witch.  Then zap! Her bird watching morning inspired a sexy idea.  She deposited her mug on the kitchen counter and opened her window.  Another flick of her wand and a wild male turkey came flying in past her ear. It settled on an iron frying pan stored over the stove top, and greeted her with a twitch of his tail and a pile of poop on the hob.

“Thanks,” Franny smirked.


‘Poof.’ One moment later the bird transformed into a life-size version of Jed Carter, only the fake Jed came with a few… enhancements.

Franny admired her handiwork, and went to inspect the naked actor as he stood confused by the stove. “Well hello there bird-Jed,” said Franny, as her fingers traced the hard muscles along his arms.

“Hello,” said Jed. His eyes opened wide with wonder, and he looked across to the window.  Franny sensed he was wondering how he was going to fly back out of that.

“Welcome to my humble abode,” Franny continued. “It’s the holiday season, and I’ve brought you here to share the food at my table and to play festive holiday games. Would you like that?”

“Sure,” said Jed.

Franny’s lace-gloved hand slipped down to Jed’s enhanced manhood, and once in her hand, it stretched out and grew to the size and thickness of an English cucumber. “Not bad,” said Franny.

“Food first,” said Jed.

“As you wish.” With another flick of her wand a cupboard opened and a box of flax seed flew into Franny’s hand. She wafted the open box tantalizingly under Jed’s nose, and he took a step forward, eager to eat. “Not so fast, my lovely,” she said. Franny slipped out of her black shift-dress and the dark fabric fell in a clump at her feet. Beneath it all she wore a bra, panties and hose, and she stepped a sexy leg out from the pile of clothes. “Follow me, bird-Jed,” she smiled.

Jed took her hand and she led him from the kitchen into her naughty bedroom. The photos in this room were far more erotic, and Franny posed in compromising positions with the images of past lovers. Her bed was circular and covered in a green lacy mesh, which she pulled off and let fall casually onto the floor.  She removed her bra and panties, left the hose, and then bounced onto the bed, where she immediately poured the seed on her chest. “Come lick if off, bird-man.”

Jed seemed to like the idea of so much food in one spot, and crashed down on the bed beside her. His tongue worked eagerly, lapping up all the flax and when devoured, she poured more of the seed on her nipples to keep him busiest there. Franny groaned as the pecking kisses set her breasts alight, and tiny seeds oozed all over the sheets and caught up in all sorts of strange places.

“I need to drink,” said bird-Jed.

Franny smiled and spread her legs wide to expose her clean-shaven lower self. “Try sucking down there, it might take a while, but the longer you suck, the better the water will be.”

Jed shrugged but did as instructed. “Okay. I’m used to finding water in all kinds of strange cracks and holes.”

Jed slid down between her legs and in accordance with her instructions began to suck on the tiny button he found there. Franny’s ass danced with delight on the bed sheets as the bird-Jed sucked harder and harder. “Put your hands inside me, it might make the waters come faster,” she said. Jed’s thick fingers prodded and probed as his mouth sucked and tongue circled on the stubborn nub. “Ohhh, I feel it,” groaned Franny. “”Yes, the water… is… coming.” And as her release came she held onto Jed’s hairy head and almost pulled him into her.

“I have no water,” said Jed.

“Perhaps you need to probe deeper,” Franny suggested.  “Use that.” She pointed to his large curvy cock, and seeing the sense in this, Jed climbed on top of her and plundered her wet cavern. “Keep probing with that, I’m pretty sure that will do it,” laughed Franny. And so Jed thrashed away inside her, pushing harder and harder, hoping to find the water he sought.

Suddenly, a change came over Jed, and Franny knew he’d come to like this activity more than any other. As his passion increased, he began to groan loudly, and Franny opened her legs wide to receive the ocean of come on its way. As bird-Jed plowed deep into her, she reached her second climax of the morning and content with this most excellent stuffing, lay back to let the sweat cool off her skin.

“Not a bad start to the holidays,” Franny smiled. She crawled off the bed, and left bird-Jed to stare at the ceiling, a curious smile on his once beak. “Someone deserves a bucket of water.” And with that, she skipped away to the kitchen to bring her new lover his just desserts. A moment later she returned.  As Jed slurped down the offered pail of water, she thoughtfully nibbled the end of her wand and whispered a word of thanks for the Man Spell.

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