The Man Spell (3)


Even for July it was super hot, so Franny slipped out of her day things and went out into her garden to cool down. Somewhere an owl hooted, and comforted by the familiar sound she sat on her moon swing and pondered the universe.  In a little while her two friends would join her for a magical lesson.


The slight evening breeze was refreshing, and she lifted her leg and let it drape casually over the tip of the crescent. The cool air felt good on her exposed parts, so she set both feet to the floor and pushed off into the air, spreading her legs wide open as she swung. The breeze caught the crease of her vulva and chilled the wet deliciousness within.

“We’re here, Franny,” shouted a squeaky voice. Lenora and Sadie Satyr were two twin sister witches, recently arrived from Sweden to learn more about their craft. “Ooh that looks like fun,” said Lenora.  “It’s such a hot night.”

“Take off your things and hop on,” smiled Franny. “There’s nothing like a moonlight swing to cool you down.”

Without hesitation the two sisters stripped to their bare skin and waited their turn. Both twins were classic Scandinavian blondes with pale skin, and nipples that were almost indiscernible in the pale moonlight. They had small, boyish backsides, and both were clean shaven down below.

“Would you like a push?” suggested Sadie.

“I’d love one,” Franny confessed.  She beamed her brightest smile and took a firmer grip on the rope. As Sadie pushed on the crescent swing she flew higher and higher into the sky, and the cool air worked its own magic on her nipples which hardened like round jewels.

“My turn, my turn,” shrieked the ever impatient Lenora. Her tiny breasts bounced as she hopped on her feet. Always indulgent, Franny smiled and brought her swing to a stop.

“Play away,” she said, and sat down to wait patiently on the cool lawn grass. “But soon we should get down to business.  You wanted me to teach you the Man Spell. I hope you both brought your wands?”

Both sisters nodded, and then set about taking turns on the swing. Franny gazed fondly at the bare womanhood between their legs as each rose up before her. Their tiny breasts bounced freely with each rise and fall, and laughter filled the small garden in that hidden valley. After a while, Franny grew bored with watching, and lay back to stare at the cloudless sky.

Franny’s thoughts were interrupted by Sadie, who had left her sister to swing unaided. “While Lenora plays, would you like me to pleasure you?” the young witch asked.

The girl sat so close that Franny could feel the warmth of her skin. She reached up and gently caressed the young woman’s blonde locks. “Yes, Sadie. I would like that very much.”

Sadie smiled and slipped onto the grass beside her mentor. She cupped her head in her hand, while her free hand slipped down between Franny’s legs. At first she stroked her ever so gently, playing with the folds of skin around her vulva. Franny closed her eyes, and focused on the young woman’s expert hand.  She groaned a little as the deft fingers caressed her silken hair, and then plunged into the warm, fleshy crevice and on into her secret place.  Then the moistened fingers came back to the surface, circling ever upwards to the small clitoris crowning her pussy.  Though Franny’s eyes were closed she sensed Sadie watched her intently.  She knew the girl listened to her breathing, and her rhythm changed in tune with Franny’s every gasp and moan.

“I’m gonna make you come,” Sadie whispered in her ear.

“You guys are having all the fun,” laughed Leonora. “Save something for me.”

Franny’s eyes remained closed, and her heart didn’t skip a beat as the second woman pried her legs apart. “Oh goody, you’ve got her all wet for me,” she laughed. Franny felt a warm head come close to her pussy, and a hungry set of lips closed around her clitoris and began to suck in earnest. Two trim fingers probed into her open pussy, then three, and a fourth finger pressed into her backside to pleasure her there.

“You have such beautiful, full breasts,” Sadie said with delight. Franny felt her warm breath tickle her skin.  A moment later a hand grasped the soft flesh forcing as much as possible into her gaping mouth, all the while her playful tongue teasing and tasting her.

Lenora paused for a brief moment to get some air. Come for us, sweet Franny,” she said. No sooner had the words escaped her lips than she nuzzled back into the wet pussy beneath her and sucked and swirled and tickled the engorged clit before her.

Franny hadn’t the will to fight her release for long.  She felt the stirring of a small fire down below, which grew in intensity then exploded, sending sparkly showers of pleasure into every crevice of her body. “Oh sweet heaven!” Franny cried out, and her hand flew down to caress Lenora’s head, pressing her down hard onto her exposed nub.

Satisfied, she opened her eyes. Sadie met her gaze first; her sweet smile enhanced by the moist saliva on her lips, which just a few seconds ago had feasted on her nipple.  Franny’s eyes melted in thanks, and she pulled the young witch to her and kissed her sweetly on the mouth.

Franny then looked down.  Lenora had lifted herself up onto her elbows and now played idly with the soft, wet vulva. She slipped her fingers into Franny’s moist pussy, and smiled up at her mentor, delighted to have given so much satisfaction. “You have learnt well, my beautiful friend,” Franny said.

Franny’s hand sought her own nipples, now a little raw from so much attention.  They felt hot to touch, but the pain and titillation had given her much pleasure, and she felt no cause for complaint.

With a well-satisfied sigh, Franny sat up and stretched her arms towards the open sky. “Just a moment’s respite, my lovelies,” she said. “In a little while I’ll recover and will teach you the man spell, as I promised.”

The twins both rose to sit cross legged in front of their mentor.  For now, there was silence, and the three women sat and basked in their glorious nudity under a full and very wicked summer moon.

To be continued…

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