The Man Spell 4


It’s not every day I get to kick back in a nice hot cauldron and indulge in bubble bath delight. Today was special though, because it was my birthday, and if a witch can’t indulge herself then, when can she, eh?

So here I lie, soaking in steamy witch hazel and Aloe Vera, and I was just reminiscing over the past year and thinking about all the sexy highlights since my last birthday.

What? You want to know how many candles there’ll be this year? Well really, a lady would never tell. But I can tell you about this morning and my special encounter with a super hot chappy. Oooh, just thinking about it makes my toes curl to the shape of my bendy witch booties.

Franny Chair

There I was, a little sad to be honest, because when I woke up there were no birthday cards on the welcome mat. I mean, after all the love I’d given this year, I felt a bit neglected. Still, I’m not one to be down for long, so I made a nice brew and sat at the kitchen window, gazing along the path, when the postman came driving along in his little van. Since mine is the only house for miles I guessed he was coming for me.

Joe, my postman, must be all of seventy-four. I mean really, do these dudes ever retire? But my eyes sparkled when I saw him carry a sack-full of envelopes down my path, and I positively clapped my hands in joy at the sight.

“Why Joe:” I said. “Are those really all for me?”

Despite his obvious discomfort at carrying so large a weight, he managed a toothless grin though he was clearly relieved to drop the bag just outside my door. “You got time for a cuppa, old friend?” I asked.

“Sure, why not?” said Joe. He lifted the latch off the door and let himself in. I like to keep things informal around here. “Happy birthd…” Joe never finished the sentence. His eyes fell below my waist and I laughed out loud. I wasn’t wearing anything below the belly button.

“Ooops Joe, sorry, I wasn’t expecting company.” Joe seemed to be having a hard time recovering his breath. I jumped off my stool and winded him, but this only seemed to make him worse.

“Put… some knickers… on… please,” he gasped.

“Oh Joe, I’m sure I’ve got nothing here you haven’t seen before!”

“Yes, but not in a very long time,” he admitted. “Best put that kettle on for a fresh brew, I desperately need one now.”
“Sure thing Joe.”

As I turned around I sensed the old codger’s eyes on my backside, and I gave it a little shake as I grabbed the kettle. Joe laughed out loud. “Franny, you’re something else, darling.”

“You love me really,” I said.

“I haven’t seen an arse like that since 1972.” The very thought brought tears to his eyes. “Course, I had the equipment to make use of it back then.”

As I turned to put fresh tealeaves in the pot I saw him look sadly down at the saggy fabric round his groin. “There’s not much going on down there these days,” Joe confessed. “It would take a whole bottle of Viagra just to make the old fellow stand to attention.”

“Hmmm.” I don’t know if Joe caught the twinkle in my eye, but it was at that precise moment I thought about the Man Spell. I went over to where Joe sat at the kitchen table and sat down in his tired old lap. His wrinkled willy may not have been up to much but his hands were ready for action, and he reached back and squeezed my backside.

“If you could be young again, would you give me a birthday present?”

I definitely caught the twinkle in Joe’s eyes then.

“I’d give my right testicle for that.”

“No such sacrifice is required, I assure you.”

My wand was lying conveniently on the kitchen table so I picked it up and before you could say abracadabra, I’d performed the Man Spell.

I felt his muscles tense and harden under my bare ass, and his thinning grey hairs became thick and brown. A full set of gleaming white teeth smiled from the once gummy mouth and the stray hairs seemed to recede up his nose. Something else stirred, and I knew from the magic poking through his pants there was life in the old codger yet.

“Oh my word,” said Joe. “I’d forgotten how good an erection feels.”

“Well now you have one, let’s not waste it, shall we?” I said. “After all, it is my birthday.”

Joe’s eyes seemed to pop out on stalks as I slowly undid the buttons of my blouse. My large breasts popped out of the shirt and the horny man began to knead and caress them.

“Oh boy, that sure feels good, Franny,” Joe said.

I slipped off his lap and pulled down the zip on the thick, brown, uniform trousers. There was nothing old about that enormous cock, and I couldn’t wait to give it a birthday kiss.

“Fuck me Franny, you’re one hell of a witch,” Joe said.

“Oh, I fully intend to, Joe.” And without another word, I pulled back his uncut foreskin and sucked the bejaysus out of that delicious penis.

To my relief and delight, Joe may have been restored to his youth but he had the patience and control of age, and was in no hurry to come too quickly. The old dude let me suck and muzzle for as long as I liked, and never let go one little drop.

After a while, I stood up and straddled him as he sat on the kitchen chair. Down below I was so wet, I could hear my own juices smack and stick as I spread my legs to ride him. First though, I took his hand and pushed it down to the space between my thighs so he could feel how wet he’d made me.

“You’re one fucking horny witch,” Joe said. “I’ve never felt so much woman come on my fingers.”

Curious, he pushed the said digits deep inside me, then pulled forward and teased my tiny button. I couldn’t help myself and giggled.

“That’s one naughty laugh,” Joe said. He took his own cock in hand and steered it with relative ease into my hot and expectant pussy. “Time to show you what us old dudes can do.”

Joe grasped my buttocks and pushed me up and down, gyrating me along the length of his penis, his eyes feasting on my nipples, which were practically in his face, and sometimes watching his own cock as it glided in and out of me. I’d cast a great spell, and all I could focus on was his huge manhood as it came in and out, tugging at the folds of my skin and then thrusting up deep to kiss the neck of my womb. I clenched my pussy muscles tight, to enhance our mutual pleasure, and Joe tossed his head back and groaned out loud. I liked that. Silent lovers are dull, but I sensed correctly Joe was a screamer.

Joe was getting close now, I felt his urgency in the speed of his thrusts, and I watched as he closed his eyes to internalize the coming moment. “Fuck me, Franny, fuck me hard.”

For an old dude, he sure had a lot of come, which pumped four, five six times inside me before showing any signs of subsiding. He shook a little on the last spurt, and satisfied, finally opened his eyes and kissed each nipple tenderly.

“Geez, I wish that spell were permanent,” Joe sighed.

“Sorry baby. I can’t mess with the laws of nature, though I can wreak a little mischief with them from time to time.”

“Darn, how long have I got?”

“You can have the whole day Joe, as long as you give me lots of birthday presents like that.”

“You got it baby.”

So Joe and I fucked the whole day long and the dude left about an hour ago in his van. As he passed through my garden gate the Man Spell reversed and he became his old self again. Even so, I’m sure I noticed a slight skip in his walk that wasn’t there before. As for me, he fucked me till my poor down belows could take no more, but they were surely satisfied. Joe definitely gave me the best birthday present of all. Perhaps next time we can celebrate his birthday in a similar

Until then, I seem to have an awful lot of birthday cards to read. So, soap in hand and with fresh orgasms in my immediate memory, I’m wishing myself a happy birthday, and thanking the world for the gift of the Man Spell.

3 comments on “The Man Spell 4

  1. First… Love this storyline..but you knew that. 🙂 OMG girlie… you and your artist skills are jamming! That illustration is amazeballs!!! I ❤ you!

    Bad Penny's always to blame. -winks-

  2. lovely story about a lovely old chap. My favorite line:
    “You’re one fucking horny witch,” Joe said. “I’ve never felt so much woman come on my fingers.”
    😉 and I love the illustration so much. It’s totally enchanting!

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