Man Spell 5

Witches get very excited on New Year’s Eve, there’s something extra magical about an orgasm at the turn of the year; it’s like a normal orgasm multiplied ten-fold. So as always, my primary mission this holiday was finding a man to have one with.


Things began well, this morning I had a date all set up and things should’ve been plain sailing. But even the best laid plans of witches and men can sometimes hit a stumbling block. Just as I pulled my lacy black stockings over my silky smooth knee the phone rang. Walter, my date was on the other end of the line. “Sorry, something’s come up. Sick cat.” I could guess from the crazy breathing at the end of the line what kind of cat he referred to. Oh well, no matter, I thought – onwards and upwards, as they say.

I hung up the phone and continued dressing. The reflection in the mirror reminded me I had much to be thankful for so I grabbed my sparkly bag, called a taxi and headed down to the big smoke.

“No Walter?” asked Penny, my best friend.

“Nope, he bailed out to take care of a sick pussy.”

“Yes, so I heard,” Penny said. “Never mind, grab yourself something to drink and have fun with the rest of us. We’re not letting that sexy ass go to waste tonight. If nothing else, there’s always the Man Spell.” She winked suggestively.

I smiled a sexy smile and went over to pour myself a whiskey. As the ice jangled in the bottom of the glass I looked up and spotted a rather juicy looking man type standing over by the terrace. It was fairly cold outside, but Penny had placed heaters on the balcony so I slipped through the crowd to join him.

“I believe you’re the infamous Franny Carbunkle” said the handsome stranger. “I’m glad you came over, I’ve heard a lot about you and wanted to say hello.”

“Have you indeed?” I said. He wasn’t bad looking at all, towering over me at a humongous six-foot and with a smile to melt a girl’s knickers off her hips. “I hope it’s all extremely naughty, I would hate to disappoint anyone.”

“On the contrary, I’ve heard nothing disappointing at all. Your friend Penny was telling me all about your specialty.”

“The Man Spell?”

“Yes. Although I’m surprised a beautiful witch like you needs any magical help in that department.”

The stranger ran his hand along the outside of my breast and I felt sparkly electrons shoot down into the pit of my belly. He was so hot.

“Why, thank you,” I smiled. Perhaps I should have played a little harder to get but he was so delicious and I found myself pushing hard against the gentleness of his hand.

“My name is Berty. You know, this might come as something of a surprise, but there’s a Woman Spell too.”

“There is?” Of course, I’d heard of this, but wanted to play along.

“Yes, it’s not used to bend a woman to a wizard’s will it’s used to enhance your sexual pleasure.”

Berty could’ve asked me to fuck him there and then and I’d have tossed my knickers over the balcony. Talking of which, it was at this moment I looked about the place and decided the balcony was an awfully impractical place to take this conversation much further. It was only a few feet wide, and probably would have a lovely view of the fireworks over the park at midnight, but for now, there wasn’t any room for fun and games.

“Well, why don’t we go inside and take a tour of the place. Have you been here before? Penny has some lovely rooms; we should take a look at them.”

“As a matter of fact I have, but would love to tour them with you… for a fresh perspective and all that.”

Berty put his large, masculine hand on my back and I could feel his warmth though the flimsy fabric of my party frock. He caressed my shoulder ever so gently, and that initial contact made my skin tingle and my nipples harden. I could tell from the firmness of his touch and the tone of his voice he was a man who liked to be in control. I totally empathized.

We passed many a happy couple in the growing ensemble, but though we both nodded politely to friends we knew, Berty was clearly in no mood to chit chat. In less than a minute we crossed the living room floor and stood in the dark hallway of my friend’s apartment.

“Wait,” Berty said. He lowered his head and his lips covered mine. He kissed me gently and sweetly, sucking on my lower lip, his hands on my backside, pulling me into a very promising hard cock. “If you and I go through that door, there may be no turning back. I’m a very passionate wizard, with very particular tastes. I might want to do things you may not be used to. You excite me Franny, I can’t deny it, but I need to know you want this as much as I do.”

I took his hand in mine and placed it on my pert little nipple. I leant forward and whispered in his ear. “Can you not sense my desire? Let’s go through and show me what you can do. I want you Berty, I want you bad.”

His mouth smiled broadly, revealing a set of small but perfectly white teeth. He kissed me again, and pressed forward to open the door. I felt him push me gently inside, into the darkness.

I went to turn on the light but Berty stopped me. “I don’t want you to see.”

“But I like watching myself at play,” I said.

“You misunderstand me. I don’t want you to see anything at all.” His hand rose to my breast where he kneaded the soft flesh of my skin. “Will you trust me?”


I don’t know where it came from, but all of a sudden Berty turned me around and began to tie a blindfold over my eyes. When he was done he ran a large finger down the skin of my neck and continued along my collar to the tip of my shoulders.

“Franny, I want to make this New Year’s Eve very special. Stay quiet, ask nothing, and let me pleasure you.”

I opened my mouth to answer, but caught myself in time and simply nodded. “Good girl,” he said. I then felt his strong arms swing beneath me, and he lifted me up and carried me over to the bed. The blanket beneath my skin felt like crushed fur under my fingers, and sensing where I was, I pushed myself up towards the top of the bed.

Then Berty was silent, and I strained my ears, wondering what he was doing. I could hear nothing but the faint noise of the party outside, and I strained to listen, wondering what Berty was up to yet anxious to get started. I knew he’d sat beside me on the bed and for the longest time he did nothing at all. Then, after what seemed an age, I felt his hand on my stocking near the knee. I trembled.

“These look very good on you,” Berty said. I focused on his hand, which neither stroked nor caressed, but remained firm and still. Then ever so slowly, his hand trickled down towards my ankles, where he removed my shiny black shoes. I listened as one after the other hit the carpeted floor with a dull ‘thud.’

Berty then rose from the bed and I heard him mutter a quiet incantation, presumably the Woman Spell he’d spoken of earlier. At once, I felt an intense heat throughout my body and my breasts fell hot and heavy. As for my pussy, it felt electrified, as if I were moments from the explosion of an orgasm. I groaned out loud.

“Oh my dear, I think we’ll be hearing a lot more of that.”

Berty’s hand cupped my ankles, and then I felt him caress my shins until he reached my knees. With a hard jolt he pulled me down to the edge of the bed, leaving my knees bent so my pussy was just inches from him. I pushed my heels down into the mattress, expecting him to remove my panties, but he left them on for the moment, and instead ran his hands gently along my thighs and across my belly. From the angle of his hands I guessed he was now on his knees, a thought confirmed when he kissed the inside skin of my thighs, just below my knickers.

I wanted him them, and my hand reached down to his head, eager to steer him in the direction I wanted him to go.

“Not so fast, pretty Franny,” Berty said. “It’s early yet and I’d like your big bang to go off at midnight.”

I groaned, not from pleasure but at the idea of being made to wait so long. Berty was soon back down running his naughty fingers along the line of my panties, and every now and then he’d catch a small hair, and the sharp pain sent arrows of pleasure along my spine, causing me to arch and grunt like the wanton harpy I could sometimes be.

Just when I could stand it no longer, two strong hands reached up and flipped me over onto my stomach, and pulled my knickers down leaving my bottom vulnerable and exposed. Perhaps inches from his face, I soon felt his warm breath on my butt cheeks as he nibbled and kissed each one in turn. He pulled my bum up into a most awkward position, his hand running up and down it, as if mapping my shape in his palms. And then he slapped me, and I shrieked.

“Now, now, my naughty witch, take your punishment like a good little girl and you’ll get a big reward soon enough.”

I turned to look blindly back at him but was rewarded with another hard smack. My bottom was on fire as the blood rushed to the place he’d slapped, but my reward was sweet when his big fingers slid down the cracks of my butt to the secret forest of womanhood below. He caressed my outer lips, and just as I was about to share my satisfaction with an appreciative murmur, he slapped me harder than before, and then once again plunged down to the wet area between my thighs.

My pleasure and pain was intensified by the Woman Spell. I came close to tears as this pattern continued for some time; each time the slap was harder, and each time he pushed deeper into my wet chasm, first one finger, then another, then three. I sensed how wet his digits had become as he slithered in and out of me and his sticky hand left a trail of hot pussy juice on my spanked butt.

Just when I thought I could take it no longer, Berty spread my legs wide apart and pushed my butt higher up into the air. He began to simultaneously suck my engorged clitoris and probe my pussy and behind with his chubby fingers. Every time I came close to coming he’d stop sucking me, shifting his focus to the outer folds of my vulva, his caresses bringing me down gently. When I was calm again his greedy lips would return to feast on my button, sucking and probing, sucking and probing, until the pleasure was so intense the tears did come.

“I know you want me to fuck you,, but you must be patient, Franny. All will come in good time.”

It was torture now, every fiber of me was on fire, and I became almost afraid to come, afraid of the intensity of the inevitable explosion. Outside the party was reaching its zenith, and so was I, and I was afraid of going over the edge.

A few seconds before the clock announced the countdown to a new year, Berty turned me over, and sucked and prodded and probed until, at last, I could contain myself no more, and my orgasm came. The sap rose in me like a wakening volcano, and when the lava burst I screamed so loud it was a wonder half the household didn’t run to my rescue. The clock continued to chime, and I felt Berty climb on top of me and slipped in the largest cock I’d ever known. He pushed my knees back into my belly and fucked me so hard I would have split in two if I hadn’t been lost in the throes of my own ecstasy.

On the twelfth chime the roaring celebrations of the New Year could be heard outside, but even the screams and exploding fireworks were soon lost under Berty’s cry as he pumped his lovely semen into my vibrating body. In all my life, I’d never experience mutual release at once so united and intense.

Fully clothed apart from one pair of liberated panties, I felt the soft fabric welt under my sweaty skin, and I dreaded getting up and showing myself to the crowd. It didn’t help when Berty’s enormous frame collapsed on top of me in a contented heap. Fortunately, he was conscious of his weight and he rolled gently off to one side.

Still under the magic of the Woman Spell, I felt the sap rise in me again as he playfully pinched my nipple through the sheer fabric of my party dress. His strong arm reached behind my head and gently untied the blindfold.

“Was it good for you?” Berty laughed.

“I had no idea,” I said. My breathing was labored and I felt my breasts heave and fall with the exertion of it all. Berty watched as my chest rose up and down, mesmerized by the movement of my nipples.

“I love to see the New Year in with a bang,” Berty said.

I laughed. “I closed my eyes and would swear I saw rockets going off in my head.”

“Not your head, my angel. I’d look a little further south.” Berty smiled and wrapped my small hand inside his. “Thank you,” he said. He kissed each of the digits, and then turned my hand to kiss the palm. “But unlike the rockets outside, I could perform at least one more time tonight. How did you like the Woman Spell?”

“Pass me your wand.”

Berty retrieved a ten inch wand lost in the folds of the blanket and handed me his prize possession. I felt honored, not many wizards would allow such a liberty.

I pointed his wand at my belly and leaning into him, asked him to repeat the words of the spell. He smiled, and as he took the wand from my hand I answered truthfully. “Oh I liked it, Berty. I liked it very much. Happy New Year to you, and thank goodness for the Woman Spell.” And with that I kissed him on the lips, and slid slowly down the sheets to show my true appreciation.

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