Drench The Wench – First Chapter Teaser…#asmsg

Cindy Buttsplash was as dry as a bone. This was not a good thing.  She looked at the young man opposite her and didn’t hold out much hope.

“Look at those puny biceps! I’ve seen more muscle on a newborn. You couldn’t get me wet in a monsoon.”

As the young man raised his arm to throw his third ball, Cindy noticed the determined set of his lips. One second later  and – SPLASH! – she went down faster than a whore in a hurry.

Water drained from Cindy’s nose and she took a moment to catch her breath. She squeezed more water from her hair and laughed. “Not bad.” She climbed back into her chair. It seemed the puny chap had it in him after all.

“Anyone else got what it takes to drench the wench?” she cried. It was a busy morning and she soon forgot about the skinny man.

Just before noon Cindy climbed out of her box and was about to change in the hut behind her stall when she noticed the skinny young man propped casually against a tree.

“Hello,” Cindy said.  She was conscious of her wetness, especially this close to a person as her nipples were clearly visible through her soaked blouse. “Good arm.”

“Thank you,” he replied.

“Do you have a name?”


“Well, nice to meet you, Roger.”

“I was wondering if I could buy you lunch?”

Cindy pointed to her wet clothes. “I should change first, gimme five?”

Roger nodded, though he looked a little disappointed. Cindy laughed. Did he really think she’d walk about the festival dressed as she was?

Cindy slipped into the empty shed and closed the door behind her.  There was just a chair in the room, and on the chair was a small backpack. From inside the bag she pulled a thick, dry towel.  She then took off her blouse, and slipped out of her wet shorts and panties, throwing them casually over the back of the chair.

As Cindy started to dry herself off, she felt the sensation of being watched.  She turned. The door was closed, and the one window had been deliberately blacked out. Yet there was a gaping peephole in the wooden frame around the window, large enough for someone like Roger to peer through. And that’s exactly what he was doing.

“So he likes to watch, does he?” Cindy thought.  She stood proud, her legs apart.  Other than the water that kissed every inch of her skin, she was naked.

Her hands reached up to cup her breasts.  Cindy caressed her breasts gently, and squeezed them so her nipples pointed towards the crack by the window.  She then sucked her right forefinger, and circled the line of a nipple, causing the teat to harden and rise.  “Ooooh,” she teased.

Cindy pretended to be unaware of that watchful eye, but the thought of a man outside the hut excited her. Slowly, she backed up to the hard wooden wall, and propped herself against it. She opened her legs, and her hand slipped down her flat belly to her soaked mass of pubic hair.

Cindy closed her eyes. “Oh Roger, I want you so bad,” she teased. She pressed a finger inside her vagina. She wasn’t only wet on the outside. Her finger sought her clitoris, and she began to gently stroke it.  She moved in slow, focused circles, as she sought the exact rhythm she knew would make her come.

Cindy pictured Roger outside.  The whole world could see him out there.  Did he dare touch himself? She imagined his hard, erect cock, pressed up against the wooden hut. Was he stroking it as he watched? These skinny boys were often well-endowed. She imagined a long shaft, with its glorious head, primed and rampant, in need of a pussy to plow. Would she let him inside her? She hadn’t quite decided yet, but in her fantasy she was going to fuck him to kingdom come.

Cindy felt the heat of her pussy in her fingers.  Her caresses grew faster and more urgent, and her mind focused more and more on Roger’s long skinny dick. She felt him thrust all the way inside her, and the closer she got to orgasm, the deeper she imagined him.

She pictured him on top, both of them thrusting hard, ready for a glorious climax together.  As her orgasm burst free, every inch of her body radiated.  Her butt clenched to intensify the sensation and her knees buckled and quivered. She felt so powerful and wonderful.

Cindy opened her eyes. She knew Roger was still out there, still peeping through that wonderful hole. She sighed, satisfied, and for a moment let her hands wander over her charged body. Her middle fingers glistened from the sticky come still coating them.

Once recovered, Cindy shook herself gently, then stood up straight, grabbed the towel, and dried herself off.

A few moments later, fully dressed, she opened the door.  She was famished and only had a short break for lunch. Roger stood outside, and he’d backed away from the window. Did he really think she hadn’t known he’d been watching?

Cindy looked down at his jogging bottoms and saw the clear outline of a very erect penis.

They walked to the front of the drench the wench tank. “So, did you enjoy the show?” she teased.

“Very much so,” Roger grinned. “You give quite a performance.”

“I aim to please. What do you fancy for lunch?”

Once again, Cindy noticed a determined smile on the edge of the young man’s lips.

“Ladies choice,” he said.  Roger took Cindy’s hand, and together they headed towards the food stalls. “You can have whatever you want.”

First Chapter Sample

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  1. You had me at “Cindy Buttersplash” That is a phenomenal name!
    P.S. I need amazon links!

    You rock my naughty little world! -giggles-

    Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!

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