I recently did an author interview with Jill Glass in honor of my newest release – ‘Drench The Wench.’ Her interview is shared above – enjoy! #asmsg

Glass Fantasies

Hello everyone!

Today we have a wicked little treat, I have with me here P.J. Perryman, who some of you may know on Twitter as @PattiSparkles, wearer of the sparkly knickers. In honor of her latest release, “Drench the Wench,” I’ve interviewed her to let you all know a little more about the writer behind the naughtiness. *wink*

So P.J. the question on everyone’s mind, how exactly did those sparkly knickers get so amazingly sparkly?

I have a secret. It’s not my knickers that sparkle, it’s the naughtiness within. One day when I was in my late teens, I exposed myself and it was like a super nova blasting out of my down-belows. Like Superman I thought it best kept a secret, but at last the time has come…

Now that is an image to remember *smirk* What first gave you the idea to start all the fantastic…

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