THE MAN SPELL 6 #asmsg

“I think you should work up an appetite, first young man.”

“I think you should work up an appetite, first young man.”


Franny was running late. She made a lunge for her picnic basket and strapped it to the back of her broom. She had a date with Sheridan by the lake and she was ever so late. She stepped outside her front door, mounted her broom, and with a quick push off the ground was soon high in the air, speeding to meet him.

She found Sheridan, lying naked by the lake, gazing into the twilight sky.

“Sorry I’m late,” said Franny. “Have you been waiting long?”

“Not at all,” said Sheridan. “I’ve been composing a poem in honor of the Man Spell. Would you like to hear it?”



I kissed my witch, both high and low,

I’ve delved into her bosom,

But many a soul is lost inside.

That naughty Franny’s chasm.


A man would travel hill and dale,

From heaven’s gate to hell,

To feel the power of Franny’s lust,

Three Cheers for Franny’s Man Spell.

“Oh Sheridan, you are a dingle.”

“Come here, my sexy, naughty witch.”

At his command, Franny dropped to her knees beside him with the picnic hamper cradled in her arms.

“Ah, what delights are there within?” asked Sheridan. A hungry hand shot to the lid of the basket but, Franny reached across and slapped his wrist,

“I think you should work up an appetite, first young man.”

“Of course, willingly my love but let’s enhance things today. I love it when you use your Man Spell on my cock.”

Franny smiled. “Oh, believe me, so do I.”

Before Sheridan could change his mind she pulled out her wand and performed the Man Spell. Sheridan fell back flat on the grass and watched as his generous cock almost doubled in size.

“God I feel so giddy,” said Sheridan. “But it feels so good.”

With a flick of her wrist, Franny untied the bow round her neck and her travel robe fell to the ground. Naked, she stepped over the prostrate wizard and lowered herself onto his enormous appendage.

“My, that feels wonderful,” Franny sighed. She slipped down as low as she could go till she felt his hips on the skin of her thighs.

Up and down she rode the enormous cock, she’d cast the spell well, she knew exactly what girth would fill her completely and she wriggled with delight on the end of Sheridan’s massive knob.

“You’re one horny little witch,” said Sheridan. His hands reached up to her ample bosom and he began to massage her breasts, maintaining the same rhythm as his gyrating companion.

“Lean forward into my face, baby,” said Sheridan.

At his request Franny flopped forward and her large breasts swung wildly in his face, beating him as she slithered back and forth, working him into an erotic frenzy.

“Fuck ne like a dog,” said Franny.

She popped off Sheridan’s super-sized cock and fell onto all fours on the grass. Eager to please, the young wizard stepped behind
her and thrust into her entry, his hands on her love handles, pulling her onto him.  Thump thump, thump went the enormous cock,, and Franny leaned under to pleasure herself as he pounded.

Their release was fast and well-timed, and when Sheridan’s last drop was shed, he pulled out of Franny and fell with a thud on the grass beside her. Franny watched as the once enormous manhood shrank down to its natural size, and lay both content and sated on its master’s thigh.

“Chicken and wine?” said Franny.

With the incredible energy natural to her sex, Franny immediately jumped up and began emptying the picnic hamper. She pulled out a red checkered cloth and laid it down on the grass. She then opened a bottle of wine and filled a tumbler which she handed to Sheridan.

Sheridan hoisted himself up on one elbow. “Thanks, my lovely.”

Once Franny poured her own glass, Sheridan pulled her down beside him and planted an affectionate kiss on her luscious lips.

“Come here, my lovely. Let’s enjoy the moon rise together.  There’s a beautiful view from here, and after twilight, we can put a hurting on your picnic. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds lovely,” said Franny. She settled down close to Sheridan where she could enjoy the heat from his body.  The wine was refreshing and warmed her belly, and she felt beautiful, young and alive.

Sheridan took her hand just as the moon slipped out from behind a cloud, and together the lovers offered the night their love, but most of all, their thanks for the gift of the Man Spell.

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