‘Thrill of the Hunt’ – By Blushing Mischief #asmsg – Cover Reveal – Released March 2

Thrill of the Hunt

As a Blushing Mischief writer, I proudly present the newly released cover for “Thrill of the Hunt.”

Has your heart ever pounded in response to the chase? In the erotic collection,
‘The Thrill of the Hunt,’ the Blushing Mischief writers lure you towards the
darker side of passion. Whether you’re searching for love, or the magic of a
moment, this rousing collection will leave you hot, panting and hunting for
more. Prepare to be thrilled by a shape-shifting huntress, seeking relief from
her pent-up feral energy, and enchanted by an enigmatic Asian girl with a secret
only true love can reveal. Your heart will ache for a desperate soul, searching
for the music he lost along the way, and who could resist the one bite of
passion concealed in a vampire’s kiss? Each story in this paranormal collection
will leave your heart racing and will touch the desire inside you. Blushing
Mischief presents: ‘Thrill of the Hunt.’ Don’t let this one get away.

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