The Man Spell 7 #asmsg – Franny gets a spanking over a purple martini

Franny gets a spanking but the purple martini was great!

Franny gets a spanking but the purple martini was great!





Franny sat in front of the television, a purple martini in one hand and the remote control in another. She flicked through channel after channel, but found nothing remotely amusing to entertain her on this sweltering Saturday night.

She turned quickly when she heard a rap on the kitchen window.  Sheridan stood outside; he carried a silver ice bucket n his hand which he shook up by the right side of his head.

“I’m all out,” he yelled through the closed window.

Franny got up to open the kitchen door. “Come on in, I’ve got plenty,” she said.

Franny put her purple martini down on the kitchen counter and gave Sheridan a huge hug. “You must be psychic,” she said. “I was just thinking I could use some company. Could I tempt you with one of these?” She picked up her cocktail glass and wiggled it tantalizingly in front of Sheridan’s nose. Quick as a flash he grabbed the purple martini from her hand and downed the lot in a single shot.

“Not bad,” said Sheridan. “You could tempt me with another.”

“Why you!” said Franny. All the same she happily took the empty glass from Sheridan’s hand and went to pour him another from her cocktail shaker. “Oops, all out.” As she worked on mixing them both a new drink, Sheridan came up close behind her and put his hands around her waist. She felt his hot breath on her neck as he kissed her below the hairline.

“You look hot with your hair up,” Sheridan said. “And I could really get off on that shaking action you’ve got going there.”

“Down boy,” laughed Franny. “Anyway, I’m in the mood for something a bit different but I can’t put my finger on what.

“I’ve got something you can put your finger on,” said Sheridan. He nibbled Franny’s ear and then whispered his idea to her.

Franny spun round in his arms, a huge grin on her face with two glasses of purple martini ready to go.  “Why Sheridan, what a fun idea! Let’s have this drink and get to it.”

“I’ll drink to that,” said Sheridan.

The two lovers locked arms and then drank the fresh cocktails. As the hot liquid heated Franny’s belly, the twinkle in Sheridan’s eye made her hot further south.  She pulled away and pulled her wand out from her pocket. Franny mouthed the magic words of the Man Spell, and the whole room went crazy; lights blinked, kettles steamed, the oven went poof and the microwave dinged seven times. A huge vapor rose up from the floor, completely enshrouding Sheridan, but when the vapors cleared she saw not one wizard, but two.

“Awesome,” said Sheridan. “We think and feel as one but we’re double the pleasure!”

“Brilliant,” said Franny. “Let’s start with a double strip tease then.”

Sheridan gave two of his cheekiest grins, and then slowly began to undress. Being one mind in two bodies, the wizards stripped in perfect unison; first the shirt, button by button, then the sandals, and then the zipper on the pants, and always, that come hither baby look that Franny adored.

Butt naked, the two Sheridans stepped forward to undress
Franny. But the clothes did not just come off; Sheridan caressed and coaxed her skin through the soft fabric of her garments, teasing her from the front, while the other Sheridan caressed and stroked her back.

“Ooh Sheridan, you have wickedly good hand action,” said Franny.

One by one the garments fell to the kitchen floor, until at last, Franny stood proud and naked, sandwiched between the two tall wizards.

One Sheridan took Franny’s hand and led her to the kitchen stove. Her microwave was positioned just above it, and he turned her to face it, gently placing her hand on the handle, prizing her legs apart into a braced position. She felt his long fingers reach down to the sex between her legs, working her, teasing her, until her knees buckled and she cried out in pleasure. The second Sheridan dropped to the floor just in front of her, and she felt two strong hands grasp her thighs.  His wet lips found her button and began to suck her mercilessly.

“You’re one naughty horny witch,” said the Sheridan behind her. “You need to be punished.”

While Sheridan continued to kiss her down below, she felt the palm of Sheridan’s hand lightly spank her on the butt cheek.  It didn’t hurt much, just enough to send a thousand sparkly tingles through her nerves. The pain was immediately followed by pleasure as the crouching Sheridan pushed his fingers into her wetness, and the feeling was so intense her knees buckled once more.

“I think the lady likes it,” said Sheridan.  Once again his palm smacked the flesh of her bottom cheek, a little harder this time, but Franny didn’t complain. “Your bottom looks beautiful pink,” Sheridan observed.

Franny played along. “Thank you, sir,” she said.

Five more spankings and then Franny was rewarded. Sheridan slipped his manhood into her, grabbed her thighs and began pounding her from behind. Dutifully, Sheridan Two continued to suck her, unrelenting, and though she came over and over he never relinquished the pressure on her button.

Franny felt weak and giddy from so much passion, but it was a delightful weakness, and she didn’t mind that Sheridan kept going from behind. In fact she pushed herself back onto him, wanting his pleasure to match hers, her body clenching tight onto him, milking his cock.

At last, it was too much for Sheridan and his pace quickened, and he shot his seed deep into Franny. “Ooooh,” he cried.  Only then did the Sheridan at her feet loosen his grip, as the two wizards enjoyed the fruits of their labors.

All energy spent the two Sheridans flopped down at the kitchen table to recover their breath. Though still shaking from the chemistry dancing in her body, Franny picked up the cocktail shaker and made another round of drinks. This time she poured three glasses, and gave two purple martinis to the two Sheridans and held her own glass high in the air.

“A toast, to the Man Spell,” Franny said.

“To the Man Spell,” the two Sheridans echoed.

They drained their purple martinis in a single shot, and then Franny joined them at the table to enjoy what was left of the evening in peace and pleasure.



Dedicated to Purple Martinee March 9, 2013




7 comments on “The Man Spell 7 #asmsg – Franny gets a spanking over a purple martini

  1. Aww this is so sweet and dirty PJ!! It’s full of all the whimsy and delightfulness infused in all the erotica we’ve read from you. We LOVE it and thanks so much!!

  2. Loved this story, Sparkly! I entered and I hope I win. Girl, you got the right touch…I’m so glad to have read this.

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