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A fab article written by my ever-so-gorgeous co-writer, Sadie Dane. Check her out at

Saucy Sadie

I’ve been a bad girl, neglecting announcements and exciting news. I’ll take my punishment and make amends by announcing it all now!

The Spanks You Missed - Spank in Time Book 2 by Blushing Mischief

First of all, A Spank in Time II- The Spanks You Missed is now available on our publisher’s, Blushing Books, webpage. Amazon and B&N links are in the works and goodness knows I’ll post them when they are available (or a few weeks after, as is my way). I’d love for you to pop on over and take a look, if not for my story, than for the stories written by my incredibly talented writing partners. P.J. PerrymanJilly GlassA T QuinnNaughty Authorette and A C Masterson write some of the sexiest historical spanking stories I’ve ever read and I am proud to be included in the same anthology.

Oh, is that proof of their talent that you are asking for? I’m glad you asked.

A C…

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New Release and upcoming news

Posted by my wonderful co writer, Jill Glass…

Glass Fantasies

Published by Blushing Books, written by Blushing Mischief, I hereby present to you:


A Spank in Time II: The Spanks You Missed

A sequel to A Spank in Time, A Spank in Time II is another anthology with stories from all the great authors in our group. The blurb is as follows:

Hot on the heels of the success of ‘A Spank in Time,’ the writers of Blushing Mischief have done it again. ‘The Spanks You Missed (Spank in Time 2)” is another collection of six sizzling historical spankers, designed to make you blush both above and below.

In “One Hard Rescue” – A private detective is asked to rescue a stubborn daughter from a mob hit with explosive results.

“The Soft Breeze of the Nile” – A high-ranking courtesan, bound unhappily to the Pharaoh, seeks solace in the arms of a palace architect.

“When in Rome” – Where a…

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Blushing Mischief Proudly Presents… ‘A Spank In Time II – The Spanks You Missed.’ #asmsg #erotica

As a writer for the erotic group, Blushing Mischief, it is with tremendous pleasure that I share with you our latest anthology – ‘A Spank In Time II – The Spanks You Missed.’

A Spank In Time 2 - by Blushing Mischief

A Spank In Time 2 – by Blushing Mischief

We love our wonderful cover art, prepared by the amazing graphic artists at Blushing Books – and hope you love our erotic historical stories as much as we all loved bringing them to you. My personal contribution is titled ‘Spank and Deliver,‘ and an except of the same can be found on the sample page of the host site.

Just an FYI, our publisher has just redesigned their site and it looks super fab. So go check out Blushing Books today. Incidentally, my lastest personal release, Kiss of the Marquis, has just hit the best seller list – so a special thank you for those of you who bought and reviewed the book to make this possible.

Love and spanks,


Do’s and Mostly Don’ts of Writing Erotica, a.k.a. Don’t Do These Things If You Want Me To Like Your Smutty Story

Due to the overwhelming popularity of Anya’s last post, I am reblogging another favorite of mine from her collection. This is a must read for both readers and writers of erotica. Please follow the link to visit and like her blog if you’ve got this far. She’s a fantastic read and you’ll thank me later!
So, without further preamble from me, Sparkly, here she is again – the amazing Anya T Quinn.

Anya T. Quinn

I have been silent so long. But no more. This was the last time I spend three bucks on bad pr0n. The. Last. Motherfucking. Time. No more will I be cowed by the masses exclaiming that it’s just pr0n. Because the fact is: it isn’t. It’s pure escapism. It has its rightful place in fiction, just like your more highbrow genres.

So. This past week I’ve read way too much erotica, something that I didn’t think was possible. The following is a list of things that in my opinion cheapen the genre. I write this post with tongue firmly in cheek and don’t mean to cause offense. Although that would be acceptable, since it’ll bring more traffic to my blog. Everybody is of course entitled to their own opinion. And that includes me.

Warning for possible profanity. But seriously, if you are upset by profanity, whyyyyyy are you reading my…

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