My friends are talented

A fab article written by my ever-so-gorgeous co-writer, Sadie Dane. Check her out at

Saucy Sadie

I’ve been a bad girl, neglecting announcements and exciting news. I’ll take my punishment and make amends by announcing it all now!

The Spanks You Missed - Spank in Time Book 2 by Blushing Mischief

First of all, A Spank in Time II- The Spanks You Missed is now available on our publisher’s, Blushing Books, webpage. Amazon and B&N links are in the works and goodness knows I’ll post them when they are available (or a few weeks after, as is my way). I’d love for you to pop on over and take a look, if not for my story, than for the stories written by my incredibly talented writing partners. P.J. PerrymanJilly GlassA T QuinnNaughty Authorette and A C Masterson write some of the sexiest historical spanking stories I’ve ever read and I am proud to be included in the same anthology.

Oh, is that proof of their talent that you are asking for? I’m glad you asked.

A C…

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