Djinn’s Desire by Jill Glass – (with review by P J Perryman) #Blushing Books #Erotica


It is with incredible delight I get to showcase this next book, Djinn’s Desire by Jill Glass.  I have known this author for just over a year, and I have rarely met anyone so dedicated to both the written word and the support of her fellow writers.



Djinn’s Desire was released by Blushing Books earlier today  and is the author’s first solo publication. it is the story of a Djinn (or genii), who must find the object that controls both him and his magic. If he fails he remains a slave to it forever. In traditional literature this object is a lamp, though in Glass’s story, Khalil’s power is hidden in a lost locket. The story begins when his search is over, and he finds the locket around the neck of a beautiful waitress working in a coffee shop. Through artful seduction, he recovers the lost locket, only to find he cannot live without this intriguing girl by his side. But this is just the beginning, for he is not the sole Djinn on the scene, and his enemy would secure the power of the locket for his own, malicious purposes. Inadvertently, the girl’s fears and compassions may result in Khalil’s downfall, but if you want to know why, I’m afraid you’re just going to have to buy this book.

This is a very imaginative, creative, erotic, urban fantasy. Glass delves deep into her characters’ motivations, and the result is as engaging as it is erotic. She has a strong and original voice, with an undercurrent of humor which as a reader I found irresistible. I think this book will appeal to intelligent readers looking for something above and beyond the typical shenanigans of the erotica genre. In every regard, Jill Glass does not disappoint.

The following blurb comes directly from the publishers site:

Khalil, an age old Djinn, has searched for the key to his freedom for years. He
finds it hanging round the neck of a coffee shop girl he has fancied for weeks.
For a demon, recovering such a trinket should be easy, but even Djinn can be
fools in love. He decides to let her keep it, thinking all would be well. But
when a rival Djinn comes calling, he must protect what he holds dear, or lose
both his love and his freedom forever.

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Jill Glass

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AKA P J Perryman




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