Guilty Pleasures – New Release from Blushing Books #asmsg

It’s always a guilty pleasure to announce the release of a new book. This one is no exception. I am therefore delighted to offer you my new regency love story, Guilty Pleasures, released today by Blushing Books. Set in the early 1800s, this sweet romance should warm your cockles and give you a warm fuzzy!


To sum it up here’s the cover blurb for the book.

When Lady Charity Lancing comes into possession of a book censored by Regency society as indecent, it seems little more than a trivial guilty pleasure. Yet her shameful secret is discovered by an unscrupulous would-be suitor. Under the guise of compassion, Doctor Robert Paterson threatens public exposure if she doesn’t marry him. But he will never win her love.

Young Michael Bell knows full well that Lady Charity would never marry a dirt-poor gardener like himself. Determined to better his lot, he sets off to London to seek his fortune. But England is at war with Napoleon and he is press-ganged into the Royal Navy. As if the French aren’t reason enough to be fearful, Michael gains the unwanted attention of a spiteful and cruel midshipman who takes an instant dislike to him and makes his life hell.

Michael was wrong about one thing, though. Charity had a secret passion for her ambitious young gardener, and when he mysteriously disappears she is left heartbroken. Charity fears Michael may be dead but ensures he lives on in her passionate fantasies. Unless Michael can somehow escape both the French and the English, the woman of his dreams will be forced to marry the man she despises.

I hope you love this as much as my other stories! Feel free to leave comments on how you liked it.  A review on the site you purchased from is also always appreciated! (Starving writer, helps sales, yada yada.)

You can currently buy Guilty Pleasures directly from Blushing Books and on Amazon, and it will soon be available on other quality e-book sites. Here are the current links:

Guilty Pleasures – Blushing Books

Guilty Pleasures – Amazon

Guilty Pleasures – Barnes and Noble

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Smooches, and happy reading, PJ!


The Muses Gather in A World of Romance – the collective works of #ASMSG Writers #Romance

Like many authors out there, erotica is not the only thing I write. I write many genres, from children’s literature (under a different name of course,) to fantasy, to mystery, to romantic comedy. When I begin a new story, it usually starts with the nucleus of an idea; and after a few days, if the idea hasn’t vaporized, then I sit down and begin. Every writer goes about it differently. Me, I like to just think about what I want to say, and usually figure out the ending before I put pen to paper (or more accurately fingers to keys.) Others just start writing, and see where the journey takes them. Its all good. Whatever gets the job done.

Shameless plug for me: My story is Franny's Christmas Fairy Twinkle.

Shameless plug for me: My story is Franny’s Christmas Fairy Twinkle.

What baffles me, and maybe its a mystery to other writers as well, but where do these ideas hail from? I can wake up in the morning with an empty head (as I often do,) and within a short period of time I have created a feisty new heroine, or a fierce villain,  or even an entire world of crazy, unexpected things.The ancient Greeks personified this phenomenon in the idea of the Muses, and their inspirational assistance has been called on by Milton, Shakespeare, Chaucer, and perhaps even E L James?!?!?! Whatever, not going there.

Muses like erotica - that's why they strut about in the buff!

Muses like erotica – that’s why they strut about in the buff!

I was talking today to a lady, who shall remain anonymous, and she told me her husband always wanted to write, but could never come up with any ideas. On the other hand, I’ve met a bucket-load of people who have ideas, but who haven’t the time, patience or desire to bring these ideas to life.  So there must be some kind of magic in the people that experience both, and bring it all together in the form of a novel, don’t you think?  I know I’m hard working, motivated, not to mention sexy, and a total slave to the word. I also know some very talented people who can write a beautiful paragraph or two when the mood takes them.

But none of this, in itself, is enough to bring on the magic. There is something god-like in the creation of a sparkly new story. I’m not just thinking of the making-things-up-as you-go part; but the whole fragile mystery of the creativity behind it.  There is an indescribable beauty in the seed of inspiration, that forever leaves me in awe. When I got home from work tonight, I read a few stories in the new asmsg (authors social media support group) anthology, A World of Romance. I confess I haven’t yet read all of its offerings, but the sample I did read left me dazzled by the diversity of the human mind. So many gifted writers, so many ways of bringing  a story to life, it was truly inspirational.

Shameless plug for me number two: My story is Franny's Christmas Fairy Twinkle.

Shameless plug for me number two: My story is Franny’s Christmas Fairy Twinkle.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, click on the book and it will take you where you need to go. The book is entirely free, and if you’d like to see more of a particular author (say, me, for example) then there are links in the back to take you to that authors web page or blog. Think about it. Within its pages are the fruits of those muses; some will make you laugh, some will make you sigh, but all will make you think about something. And that is what we’re all about, in the end. Isn’t it?

Thanks for reading, friend.


AKA P J Perryman

New Release – Pursued by The Knight by Sadie Dane – (With review by P J Perryman) #asmsg AND #Sept

Blushing Books - Book Cover

Every now and then something special drifts out of the oceanic abyss and floats gently onto the waiting shore. Pursued by the Knight is my kind of erotica. Sadie Dane focuses on the telling of a great story; the erotica is there to enhance that story, not just to titillate.

Pursued by the Knight tells the tale of a woman’s internal conflict; Georgianna must marry a man she despises for the good of her people and thereby ensures the security of her father’s kingdom.  Resigned to her fate, she doesn’t expect his most valiant knight to seduce and capture her heart. Resonant of the good old days of Guinevere, King Arthur and Lancelot, I think you will love this tale of passion and deception. Sadie Dane has a unique and original voice, and her writing style holds your attention to the very last, heated page.  I won’t drop any spoilers, but, as with all gifted novelists, she writes a wonderful twist at the end; one that inspires and uplifts the reader, while remaining consistent with the story before it.

Pursued by the Knight is currently available on the Blushing Books website and will shortly be released on Amazon. At only $2,99 it is a well-priced book, written in a superior style, and I think once you read this, you’ll be as anxious as I am for Sadie Dane’s next offering.

Click on the following key links:

The book

Blushing Books website

Sadie Dane’s Blog – Saucy Sadie

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Sadie’s Twitter Account

Happy reading,


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A Bride For Lord Esher – A SALUTE TO REVIEWERS #asmsg #erotica #romance

Well, its been a week, and the first reviews for my new book, A Bride For Lord Esher, are up. I’m delighted with the feedback.

A Bride for Lord Esher

If you’ve written a book, you’ll know how frightening that moment is, when you first release your creation into the world, waiting to see how it will be received. Picture the scene in the movie, Shakespeare in Love, when the curtain closes on the first performance of Romeo and Juliet. For a brief moment, a hush fell over the theatre as the audience fell silent. In that moment, the actors felt true horror, not knowing whether their efforts would reap rapturous applause, or be met with hisses and rotten tomatoes. But then the applause came, and every actor on the stage exhaled with tremendous relief.

Well, that’s been me. All this week. But it was worth it; the reviews are sparkly and it seems I had nothing to worry about. Thank God!

I don’t know who posts them; I’m not one of those writers that solicit reviews at gunpoint (though I suspect my publisher secretly wishes I was.) But it warms my soul to think there are people out there who take the time to give feedback, good or bad. Perhaps the writers among us do it without a moment’s thought, but for the rest of the busy world, it’s not something readers always do.  I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past, buying a book, reading it, moving on to the next, not sharing how I felt about it. But I’m glad the world is populated with people more considerate than I am.

So, to the wonderful readers, who took the time out of their hectic schedules to share their thoughts on my work; –  I SALUTE YOU. Thank you, very much!


For a link to the book on Blushing Book Publications – click here

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Best regards, and thank you, as always,

Your humble servant,

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~ A BRIDE FOR LORD ESHER ~ Now On Amazon ~ About the Book #asmsg

~ A BRIDE FOR LORD ESHER ~. Click to see a short promo video!

A Bride for Lord Esher

Now available on Amazon! To buy A Bride For Lord Esher, click here.

My publisher has described this as a dark, romantic, erotic novel. I guess this is true; the book was written during a very turbulent time in my life.  Inevitably the events then have impacted the type of characters I’ve portrayed here. As ever, my female main character, Chastity, is a headstrong but enterprising young woman who, when thrust into the center of some pretty trying times, keeps her focus and tries to rise above adversity. The character Lord Robert Esher is the embodiment of a class of man I’ve know in real life. Perhaps a little foolish and self-absorbed in his youth, once he realizes what he wants, he will move heaven and earth to get it.

My two villains are self-serving and dangerous, but I wrote them as multi-dimensional beings, reflecting both good and bad personality traits. In some ways, I became more attached to the character of Tom Warren than to anyone else in the book. But no spoilers. This bad man drips pure evil, but if you want to find out how, you’re gonna have to buy the book.

If you do, I hope you love it.

Best regards,

Sparkly AKA P J Perryman

A Bride For Lord Esher – Historical Romance – Shiny New Release #asmsg #erotica

A Bride for Lord Esher


The plot

During a drinking bout with a bridal party, Lord Robert Esher makes a foolish bet to marry the inn-keepers daughter. His companion, a mischievous friend from his childhood, ensures the bargain is kept.

When Esher rises the next morning, he finds he is married to Chastity, a comely wench, her virtue sold for a few guineas by her father. Despite asking the church and King George for an annulment, Esher can’t undo what has been done before God.

But his ever jealous friends are insulted by the association with such a low-born woman. In an act of spite, one woman plants a brooch in Chastity’s chamber, hoping to ruin her reputation. When Chastity is accused of stealing, Esher puts her aside, so she flees to Hastings to start a new life. But chance is unkind, and her new place is discovered by another enemy, who would steal her virtue and disgrace her forever.

Regretting his decision to abandon her, Esher rushes to find Chastity and make amends. But his change of heart may have come too late to save her from total ruin.

A Bride for Lord Esher is a dark historical romance complete at 37,000-words.


Click here for a link to a promo video

I hope you all enjoy this one. Its a historical romance full of color and intrigue. I love my villains as much as my heroes, and hope you will too.

As always, reviews welcome!  Click here to go directly to the publishers site and be the first to buy!

Sparkly – aka P J Perryman

The Spanks You Missed! Now Available on Amazon #asmsg

It is with great pleasure I announce the release of Blushing Mischief’s  ‘A Spank In Time II – The Spanks You Missed’ On Amazon!

A Spank In Time 2 - by Blushing Mischief

A Spank In Time 2 – by Blushing Mischief

As yet we have no reviews and would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. We want to bring you the best in erotic literature, so your contributions are taken seriously and you may find your ideas slipped in the pages of our next release.

In other news – my Wacom Tablet has finally come back from the repair shop – so new episodes of “The Man Spell” will be published shortly. Franny Carbunkle would like to thank all the fans who stopped by daily to check for updates!

Best wishes,

And put a sparkle in your spanks,


Blushing Mischief Proudly Presents… ‘A Spank In Time II – The Spanks You Missed.’ #asmsg #erotica

As a writer for the erotic group, Blushing Mischief, it is with tremendous pleasure that I share with you our latest anthology – ‘A Spank In Time II – The Spanks You Missed.’

A Spank In Time 2 - by Blushing Mischief

A Spank In Time 2 – by Blushing Mischief

We love our wonderful cover art, prepared by the amazing graphic artists at Blushing Books – and hope you love our erotic historical stories as much as we all loved bringing them to you. My personal contribution is titled ‘Spank and Deliver,‘ and an except of the same can be found on the sample page of the host site.

Just an FYI, our publisher has just redesigned their site and it looks super fab. So go check out Blushing Books today. Incidentally, my lastest personal release, Kiss of the Marquis, has just hit the best seller list – so a special thank you for those of you who bought and reviewed the book to make this possible.

Love and spanks,


Something Wicked This Way Comes… Teaser/Cover Reveal Iniquitous Solace – The Aftermath… #asmsg

It is with great pleasure I get to herald the release of an exciting new poetry book! The Very Bad Penny has done it again!  Iniquitous Solace – the Aftermath, will be released on Amazon in the next few days.  For now, here’s a look at the great new cover and a few teasers of the goodies in store…


By Penelope Jones

By Penelope Jones



Iniquitous Solace
The Aftermath

We all want to fall in love and for it to last a lifetime. But life and wishes rarely coincide, so what happens when love dies and you’re the only one still holding onto broken dreams?

In Iniquitous Solace – The Aftermath, we get a glimpse into the world of one such lovelorn poetess. Come laugh and love with Penelope as she shares her very soul through her heartfelt words and poetic verse. With this girl you get it all; come walk in her shoes, wear her stripy knee-socks, or even her collar that locks! Though battered and bruised, you will love the spirit that defies disappointment. Penelope Jones picks herself up, dusts herself off and stares life straight back in the eye. Iniquitous Solace – The Aftermath. For a different kind of love.

Bad Penny’s Bio:

About Penelope Jones-

Penelope Jones, the Iniquitous Bad Penny, is a saucy little minx who will drive you insane with her naughtiness and cheek! A writer of super sexy poetry and erotic romance – prepare to love both the woman and her works. Whether you seek a ‘happy-ever-after,’ or a ‘randy-romp for a night,’ Penelope’s the girl for you. She’s the sauce behind ‘Naughtyville’ and ‘Little Miss Notoriety,’ so come check out her blog for other writing projects, and what’s next for her at Bad Penny’s Always to Blame! It’s a visit you’ll never forget!

Social Networking:

Twitter: @Penelope_Prose
Facebook Author Page:
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Fetlife: TheVeryBadPenny
Goodreads: PenelopeJones
Amazon Author Page:

Last word from her dear friend and supporter.  Next time you write a book, pick a title I can spell!

Loves ya, Sparkly


Kiss of the Marquis – Sample Chapter #asmsg 18+ only please

Kiss of the Marquis (Sample Chapter)
 ” The race is on to save Rosaline from the “Kiss of the Marquis” which could bind her to deSade forever”

© P.J. Perryman and Blushing Press, 2013

Rosaline rushed into the front room and threw herself into the great chair in front of the fire, a smug smile spread across her flushed face. She dropped a large bag by her feet that landed with a dull thunk on the carpeted floor.

“Well, did you get it?” asked Jack.

“Oh my God, I bet she got it.” Brenda closed her book and jumped up from where she was lying on the floor. There would be no more studying tonight.

“Yes, I’ve got it. Keep your voices down.” Rosaline leaned down and warmed her hands by the fire. She looked about the room; someone was missing. “Where’s Peter?”

“In his room, studying.”

“Someone go get him.”

“Okie-dokey.” Jack got up from a table by the window and went in search of their friend. He soon returned with a tall, red-haired student, who looked in need of a good meal. The boy was dressed in heavy wool clothes and his lower face was lost under the thick scarf draped around his neck.

“It’s freezing up in my room,” Peter grumbled.

“Why don’t you study down here with the rest of us?” asked Brenda.

“Too much chatter. Our exams are coming up and I’m not gonna let you dorks spoil my grades.”

Brenda shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

Peter sat down in the seat across from Rosaline. “So you have it?”

“Yes, yes I have it.” Rosaline reached down and patted the bag at her feet. “Mother will kill me if she finds out I took it. Or her coven will kill her. Who knows?”

“How did you find it?” asked Jack.

“It was quite a hunt. I always thought Mom would keep it in the cellar of the bookstore, where the Coven meets to do their thing. I looked all over, but in the end I accidentally came across it in the basement of our home. Mom’s super protective of the book, always has been. She cares more about that thing than she does me, I swear.” A shadow passed across Rosaline’s face and her mouth twisted into an anguished sneer.

“Well, you did find it, so lucky for us,” said Jack.

“Anyway, if this works, we’ll have it back to her before she even knows it’s gone,” said Peter. “Let’s have a look at it then.”

Rosaline bent over and picked up the bag. It contained only one item: a thick, heavy leather-bound book with a musty smell. The four of them looked at the thing in awe.

“So we’re really gonna do this then?” asked Brenda.

“I vote we do it tonight,” said Peter, “as soon as possible. That way Ros can get this book back straight away and her mother will be none the wiser.”

They all nodded.

Rosaline, who had the book balanced on her lap, handed it to Peter. Peter took it to the table, and let his hand rest reverently on the leather cover.

“Veneficas Libro Mortuorum. The Witches Book of the Dead,” Peter read. “You realize that if I read from this book, there’ll be no going back. If anyone is gonna wuss out on us, better do it now.” He looked around the table at the eager faces. Only one of them looked nervous. “Brenda, you okay with this?”

All eyes turned to Brenda. “I don’t know, Peter,” she said. “It all seemed so cool when we talked about it before. But now that the book is here…” Brenda clutched her hands together. “I dunno, now that the book is here I feel kinda funny. It’s suddenly real. So yes, I confess, I’m a bit scared.”

“Don’t forget what we all talked about,” Rosaline said. “This is why we formed the Smut Club isn’t it, to hunt for new experiences? I don’t wanna go through life thinking this is it, this is as good as it gets. I want to go beyond the normal. We all did, didn’t we?”

“I know,” said Brenda. She pushed back her black hair and stared at the book. “And I don’t wanna let you all down, but I’m afraid. I sense that book is evil…”

Rosaline sighed. “You sense what?”

“There’s something unclean about it, I feel like it wants to create mischief if we let it.”

Her three companions rolled their eyes, as if they were dealing with a child. “Come on Brenda,” said Jack. “Rosaline went to a lot of trouble to get this. You had plenty of time to change your mind before tonight.”

Brenda didn’t want to disappoint her friends, so finally she broke down. “Okay, I guess we can start,” she said.

They all shifted their attention back to Peter. “Very well, there’s no turning back now.”

“I still think we should call Marilyn Monroe,” whispered Jack.

“What about Casanova?” countered Rosaline. She pulled her hair out of a scrunchy and her red curls tumbled loosely about her shoulders. “I wouldn’t say no to a night with him.”

“No, we all agreed,” said Peter. “It’s too late to reopen the debate now. Both of those would only tell us things we already know. Are you all ready?”

His three friends nodded. Peter removed his scarf so he could move more freely. The cold air grew heavy around them, and each student held their breath. Slowly, Peter ran his pale hand along the binding and let his thin fingers caress the spine of the book. Almost tenderly he circled upwards, and then, with a sharp intake of breath, opened the cover. Ever so carefully, Peter turned the pages. He read the title over each of the spells, but moved steadily on to the one page he sought.

At last he found it. “Sublato Mortuis. Raising the dead,” Peter said. He leant forward and studied the page carefully. “You know, this page looks more worn than the rest. I have a feeling we’re not the first to use this spell.”

“Now you mention it, my mother has mentioned it from time to time,” said Rosaline. “She said it was the most powerful and exciting spell in the book. That’s what made me think of it. I’ve always wanted to know what she meant.”

“Why didn’t you ever join the coven?” said Jack.

“What, and turn out like my mother? No, I don’t think so.”

Impatient to begin, Peter closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He’d waited a long time for this moment. “Soon we will receive instructions from the Master…”

They all nodded and sat a little forward in their seats. Peter slowly read the words written in Latin on the page before him. As he neared the end of the page he paused. It was time to call the name of the departed soul. “Ego postulo Marchisi de Sade resurgunt … I demand the Marquis De Sade rise again.”

Peter looked up and the four friends waited but nothing happened.

“Did you say it right?” asked Rosaline. “My mother says if you say the spells wrong, either they won’t work or you can bring down some serious shit!”

Peter looked offended. “Of course I said it right. I didn’t spend three years overseas in an English boarding school without learning something about Latin. Perhaps this book is just bogus.” He pushed it away from him, disappointed.

“Well, it was fun you guys, but clearly nothing is happening, so I’m going up to my room,” said Jack. “Ros, you coming? All this hocus pocus has made me horny.”

Rosaline hesitated. “Damn it all, I’ve risked my neck for nothing. Can’t we try one more time?”

“You can,” said Brenda as she stood up from the table. “I agree with Jack, it didn’t work. I’m going to bed.”

Peter said nothing but stared at the book, his disappointment written clearly on his face. As the others were leaving he got up and walked over to the window. Outside the snow was falling hard.

“So this is it,” Peter mumbled quietly to himself.

Rosaline walked over and placed her arm across his shoulders. “You know, maybe we could try again. Maybe it takes more than the words. Maybe it’s the setting? Perhaps we should have waited till midnight or something?”

Peter placed his hand on hers and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Jack’s right. It’s all a bunch of hocus pocus. You must get the book back home tomorrow since you’ve risked enough already.”

“Well, goodnight then,” she said. Rosaline walked from the room and closed the door gently behind her.

The moment the door closed, Peter felt hot. The temperature of the room rose so quickly that the frost on the window melted away. He turned to see if the fire had flared to cause the change. He was startled by what he saw, and stumbled back onto his seat at the table. A man stood by the fire, apparently at odds with the ruffle at his neck.

“Really, I would have thought the prison could have dressed me in more suitable attire than this.” The man stared down at his coat and breeches and seemed to disapprove of the whole ensemble. “Tsk,” he said with a sniff, “my tailor would be appalled.”

“Are you …. the Marquis?” asked Peter.

The spirit bowed gracefully with an elaborate flourish of his arm. “At your service, young man.” The Marquis then forgot about his clothing and studied the room in some detail. “What is this place?”

“It’s a student house. We’re all students at Mallory University.”

“Indeed. And what course of study requires you to summon the dead?”

“We all study different things, but we’re all members of the secret Smut Club. We summoned you to show us how to make sex more exciting together.”

The Marquis looked affronted. “Smut? And for such a trifle you recalled me from the pleasures of Hell?”

“Well, we thought-”

The Marquis raised his hand. “It is of no matter; I am here now. How many are in this… club?”

“There are four of us altogether. Shall I fetch the others?”

“No, there is no point. Only the Summoner can see me.” The Marquis closed his eyes and appeared to be thinking. “So, you want to delve further into the pleasures of the flesh?”

“Yes, sir.”

The Marquis smiled at Peter’s show of respect. “The key to that is quite simple: you must take what you want, impose your will on others and hold nothing back.”

Peter’s mouth fell open to his chest. “That’s all? That’s it? That’s the best you’ve got?”

“Yes. However, I found with every delicious experience, I needed something new each time.”

“How did you find such partners? How did you get them to agree with your more … ‘experimental’ tastes?”

“It never mattered to me what the other person thought, but you must work within the rules of the age. I understand that morals now are far less … liberal.”

“So what can we do?”

“We have only a short time before I must return to the Underworld, so listen carefully. I already know the extent of your experience. Now let me share the delights of mine.”

Peter listened enthralled as the Master shared a lifetime of pleasure in only a few moments. Even as he listened he felt himself becoming aroused. The Marquis held nothing back, and with neither remorse nor pity, he recounted the defining moments of his life.

He ended with the following thought: “Know this Peter, each man – and woman for that matter – enjoys a unique honey pot. My delights are not yours. Your ecstasy is not mine. No one can teach you your threshold or limits. Your joy will come as you seek pleasures out, but they will take you where they will. I cannot instruct you in that.”

“Adieu mon ami.” On those words, the image of the Marquis faded and Peter felt the temperature of the room drop so quickly that the cold bit into his very bones. He picked up his scarf, pulled it tightly around his neck, and then ran to find the others.

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