A World of Terror – The Only Thing Not Scary is the Price: Free! #Free! Free!!! #ASMSG and #Oct #Horror

A World of Terror - ASMSG

For your scary pleasure, the spooky writers of ASMSG have  gathered around the cauldron once again, to bring you a book so terrifying, so hair-raising, that we shuddered as we wrote each line. Read this in a hallowed spot, in a place where you can scream with abandon. For you will scream. And you will feel the terror.

According to Chris Shields, ASMSG Guru and father of all things evil, the book will soon be available on Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Sony, Kobo, and Diesel.  For now, you can download it on Smashwords. The only thing not scary is the price! It’s free!
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My contribution to this feast of horror is titled; “The Land of Nobel.” Read us, if you dare.
Happy Halloween,
AKA P J Perryman