Guilty Pleasures – New Release from Blushing Books #asmsg

It’s always a guilty pleasure to announce the release of a new book. This one is no exception. I am therefore delighted to offer you my new regency love story, Guilty Pleasures, released today by Blushing Books. Set in the early 1800s, this sweet romance should warm your cockles and give you a warm fuzzy!


To sum it up here’s the cover blurb for the book.

When Lady Charity Lancing comes into possession of a book censored by Regency society as indecent, it seems little more than a trivial guilty pleasure. Yet her shameful secret is discovered by an unscrupulous would-be suitor. Under the guise of compassion, Doctor Robert Paterson threatens public exposure if she doesn’t marry him. But he will never win her love.

Young Michael Bell knows full well that Lady Charity would never marry a dirt-poor gardener like himself. Determined to better his lot, he sets off to London to seek his fortune. But England is at war with Napoleon and he is press-ganged into the Royal Navy. As if the French aren’t reason enough to be fearful, Michael gains the unwanted attention of a spiteful and cruel midshipman who takes an instant dislike to him and makes his life hell.

Michael was wrong about one thing, though. Charity had a secret passion for her ambitious young gardener, and when he mysteriously disappears she is left heartbroken. Charity fears Michael may be dead but ensures he lives on in her passionate fantasies. Unless Michael can somehow escape both the French and the English, the woman of his dreams will be forced to marry the man she despises.

I hope you love this as much as my other stories! Feel free to leave comments on how you liked it.  A review on the site you purchased from is also always appreciated! (Starving writer, helps sales, yada yada.)

You can currently buy Guilty Pleasures directly from Blushing Books and on Amazon, and it will soon be available on other quality e-book sites. Here are the current links:

Guilty Pleasures – Blushing Books

Guilty Pleasures – Amazon

Guilty Pleasures – Barnes and Noble

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Smooches, and happy reading, PJ!


Come and See My Franny! For Free!!! #asmsg AND #Sept

Franny on the BeachFranny5FrannymoonFranny on a Broom

Okay, okay, shameless nudity used to promote my naughty stories! But let’s face it, there’s so much of it about these days, and I lovely drawing the female form!

If anyone hasn’t already, please ogle my Man Spell shorts scattered throughout this blog.  My character, Franny is waiting – and when last I counted, I think I had about eight Man Spell shorts to warm your cockles.  You’ll be glad you did!


Happy Reading and thanks for visiting,



Blushing Mischief – A Spank In Time #asmsg


When I drew this pic my mind was in a very happy place. I really love Gabrielle’s eyes (I know, that’s exactly where you were looking, right?) Gabrielle is the main character in my contribution to the anthology, ‘A Spank In Time’ A Parisian Night, written by a group of very talented authors known collectively as Blushing Mischief.


 A Spank In Time - Blushing Mischief

A Spank In Time – Blushing Mischief


I love the picture so much, I’ve decided to use her as my primary avatar. I hope you all like the change.

Other changes in the wind. Some of my co-writers and I are putting together an entirely new blog. Its an erotic spoof blog, and will give us a little light relief from some of our more serious endeavors. Spearheaded by the kinky imagination of Jill Glass, we hope you will like what we come up with. More on that later.  For now, best wishes to all – and enjoy your Labor Day madness!

Sparkly/P J Perryman

THE MAN SPELL 8 – FRANNY DREAMS OF PIRATES #asmsg #Free Story #erotica



Franny on the Beach

Sheridan slipped a finger inside her bikini top and teased the skin around her nipple. “Oh my sweet pirate girl, you have no idea. Come here.”


“What a glorious day!”

Franny fell down in the sand and transformed her witch’s cat into a parrot. Dressed in her pirate bikini she sat by the ocean and looked wistfully out to sea.

“Oh Sheridan, I bet it would have been wonderful, being a pirate.”

Sheridan sat down beside Franny and followed her gaze out across the ocean. “All that swashbuckling, women and rum, yes – if I wasn’t a wizard I’ve have liked to have been a pirate. What it would be to live back in the day when it was you against the King’s navy, risking your neck for loot and the pretty girl.”

“Am I a pretty girl, Sheridan?”

Sheridan slipped a finger inside her bikini top and teased the skin around her nipple. “Oh my sweet pirate girl, you have no idea. Come here.”

Franny set down the parrot which flew out over the water and danced in the sky.  Franny leaned forward as Sheridan untied the bow at the back, releasing her full breasts which bobbed forward like a pair of ripe cantaloupes. She kicked off her pirate booties and her denim shorts quickly followed, leaving her naked and exposed for the world to see on the beach.

“Yet all the loot I want is right here.” And with that Sheridan jumped to his feet and swooped Franny up into his arms. Franny squealed with delight as her strong lover carried her naked body across the sands to the ocean, and waded out into its depths.

He dropped her several feet from the shore, and Franny rose from under the water, laughing and shouting and splashing like crazy. “You total lout!” she cried. With her wand arm she smacked the surface of the water, which caused a small sheet to rise up and catch Sheridan right in the face.

“Why you!”

Franny fought against the water as she playfully ran away from her lover; but the force of the ocean slowed her down and made her escape difficult.  In just five strides pirate Sheridan had caught up with her, and spun her round so quickly she rose off the sandy bed, her breasts flying over the surface of the sea and bouncing like two life buoys.  He pulled her close to him and she kissed his cold and salty mouth, while her hands caressed the goose bumps along his muscular back.

The cold but gentle waves lapped across her shoulders.  Franny jumped up to wrap her legs around Sheridan, taking advantage of her buoyancy to straddle him, needing only to hold his shoulders for support.

“Fuck me like a pirate, Sheridan. I want to walk your plank.”

Sheridan’s manhood was primed and ready. She felt him slip inside her, and she bounced up and down while he waded to shallower waters so they could move more freely.

After a few minutes of bobbing about Sheridan walked Franny back to the sand.  He lowered her gently down on the beach, just barely out of the ocean where the waves could still envelope them.  As the calmed waters wrapped around them, Sheridan kissed her pert nipples which, angry and cold, rose high to be kissed. His warm tongue closed around them and she felt the doors to passion open in her womb as her body prepared to delight in the attentions of his.

As he entered her body, Franny reached back for the wand and whispered the words of the Man Spell. All at once, Sheridan’s shaft doubled in size and she screamed with delight as he thrust ever deeper inside her.

At the point of Climax Sheridan cried so loud the very seagulls took flight.  He pumped into her again and again, like an angry tide until at last, Franny gasped, her nails pinching into his salty back as she indulged a release of her own. For some time, Sheridan plowed into her, his passions lengthened under the magic of her spell. But then at last, his rhythm slowed to match the slower and deliberate pulse of the ocean. Exhausted and spent, he rolled back onto the sand and gazed wistfully up into the azure sky.

“I love that Man Spell,” Sheridan said. “It makes my orgasm so intense, but I hope it does as much for you.”

Franny winked. For her the Man Spell cast fireworks into her body, causing multiple orgasms that fired off like rockets, one after the other. “I have no complaints,” she said.

Naked and relaxed to the point of sleep, the two lovers clasped each other’s hands.  They both stared up to the skies and let the gentle waves circle between them, caressing their skin like a loving handmaid. Franny smiled, closed her eyes, and dreamed of pirates.

THE END – Sparkly

KISS OF THE MARQUIS – Released April 5th – 18+ Only Please – #ASMSG

Kiss of the Marquis by P J Perryman

Kiss of the Marquis by P J Perryman

It’s here!!! I have to say Kiss of the Marquis is my favorite book so far – and not just because it’s the latest (and mine.)  There was something about writing this one – my fingers were on fire as the muses danced in my heart and urged me on. My publisher loves it – and I so hope you love it as much as we do.

Rather than tell you all about it, I’m going to sit back and let Kiss of the Marquis speak for itself. Here’s the jacket overview available on the Blushing Books website:


When four sexually adventurous college students use a dusty occult tome to resurrect the Marquis deSade, they get more than they bargain for. The students had only wanted to draw on the famous sadist’s experience to enhance their erotic education, but soon they find themselves under the sway of a charismatic figure as powerful in death as he ever was in life.
Rosaline meant no harm when she stole the book from her mother – a practicing witch – to call up the Marquis from beyond the grave. But the decision unearths some disturbing family secrets, and soon the race is on to save Rosaline from the “Kiss of the Marquis” which could bind her to deSade forever.

The Man Spell 7 #asmsg – Franny gets a spanking over a purple martini

Franny gets a spanking but the purple martini was great!

Franny gets a spanking but the purple martini was great!





Franny sat in front of the television, a purple martini in one hand and the remote control in another. She flicked through channel after channel, but found nothing remotely amusing to entertain her on this sweltering Saturday night.

She turned quickly when she heard a rap on the kitchen window.  Sheridan stood outside; he carried a silver ice bucket n his hand which he shook up by the right side of his head.

“I’m all out,” he yelled through the closed window.

Franny got up to open the kitchen door. “Come on in, I’ve got plenty,” she said.

Franny put her purple martini down on the kitchen counter and gave Sheridan a huge hug. “You must be psychic,” she said. “I was just thinking I could use some company. Could I tempt you with one of these?” She picked up her cocktail glass and wiggled it tantalizingly in front of Sheridan’s nose. Quick as a flash he grabbed the purple martini from her hand and downed the lot in a single shot.

“Not bad,” said Sheridan. “You could tempt me with another.”

“Why you!” said Franny. All the same she happily took the empty glass from Sheridan’s hand and went to pour him another from her cocktail shaker. “Oops, all out.” As she worked on mixing them both a new drink, Sheridan came up close behind her and put his hands around her waist. She felt his hot breath on her neck as he kissed her below the hairline.

“You look hot with your hair up,” Sheridan said. “And I could really get off on that shaking action you’ve got going there.”

“Down boy,” laughed Franny. “Anyway, I’m in the mood for something a bit different but I can’t put my finger on what.

“I’ve got something you can put your finger on,” said Sheridan. He nibbled Franny’s ear and then whispered his idea to her.

Franny spun round in his arms, a huge grin on her face with two glasses of purple martini ready to go.  “Why Sheridan, what a fun idea! Let’s have this drink and get to it.”

“I’ll drink to that,” said Sheridan.

The two lovers locked arms and then drank the fresh cocktails. As the hot liquid heated Franny’s belly, the twinkle in Sheridan’s eye made her hot further south.  She pulled away and pulled her wand out from her pocket. Franny mouthed the magic words of the Man Spell, and the whole room went crazy; lights blinked, kettles steamed, the oven went poof and the microwave dinged seven times. A huge vapor rose up from the floor, completely enshrouding Sheridan, but when the vapors cleared she saw not one wizard, but two.

“Awesome,” said Sheridan. “We think and feel as one but we’re double the pleasure!”

“Brilliant,” said Franny. “Let’s start with a double strip tease then.”

Sheridan gave two of his cheekiest grins, and then slowly began to undress. Being one mind in two bodies, the wizards stripped in perfect unison; first the shirt, button by button, then the sandals, and then the zipper on the pants, and always, that come hither baby look that Franny adored.

Butt naked, the two Sheridans stepped forward to undress
Franny. But the clothes did not just come off; Sheridan caressed and coaxed her skin through the soft fabric of her garments, teasing her from the front, while the other Sheridan caressed and stroked her back.

“Ooh Sheridan, you have wickedly good hand action,” said Franny.

One by one the garments fell to the kitchen floor, until at last, Franny stood proud and naked, sandwiched between the two tall wizards.

One Sheridan took Franny’s hand and led her to the kitchen stove. Her microwave was positioned just above it, and he turned her to face it, gently placing her hand on the handle, prizing her legs apart into a braced position. She felt his long fingers reach down to the sex between her legs, working her, teasing her, until her knees buckled and she cried out in pleasure. The second Sheridan dropped to the floor just in front of her, and she felt two strong hands grasp her thighs.  His wet lips found her button and began to suck her mercilessly.

“You’re one naughty horny witch,” said the Sheridan behind her. “You need to be punished.”

While Sheridan continued to kiss her down below, she felt the palm of Sheridan’s hand lightly spank her on the butt cheek.  It didn’t hurt much, just enough to send a thousand sparkly tingles through her nerves. The pain was immediately followed by pleasure as the crouching Sheridan pushed his fingers into her wetness, and the feeling was so intense her knees buckled once more.

“I think the lady likes it,” said Sheridan.  Once again his palm smacked the flesh of her bottom cheek, a little harder this time, but Franny didn’t complain. “Your bottom looks beautiful pink,” Sheridan observed.

Franny played along. “Thank you, sir,” she said.

Five more spankings and then Franny was rewarded. Sheridan slipped his manhood into her, grabbed her thighs and began pounding her from behind. Dutifully, Sheridan Two continued to suck her, unrelenting, and though she came over and over he never relinquished the pressure on her button.

Franny felt weak and giddy from so much passion, but it was a delightful weakness, and she didn’t mind that Sheridan kept going from behind. In fact she pushed herself back onto him, wanting his pleasure to match hers, her body clenching tight onto him, milking his cock.

At last, it was too much for Sheridan and his pace quickened, and he shot his seed deep into Franny. “Ooooh,” he cried.  Only then did the Sheridan at her feet loosen his grip, as the two wizards enjoyed the fruits of their labors.

All energy spent the two Sheridans flopped down at the kitchen table to recover their breath. Though still shaking from the chemistry dancing in her body, Franny picked up the cocktail shaker and made another round of drinks. This time she poured three glasses, and gave two purple martinis to the two Sheridans and held her own glass high in the air.

“A toast, to the Man Spell,” Franny said.

“To the Man Spell,” the two Sheridans echoed.

They drained their purple martinis in a single shot, and then Franny joined them at the table to enjoy what was left of the evening in peace and pleasure.



Dedicated to Purple Martinee March 9, 2013




THE MAN SPELL 6 #asmsg

“I think you should work up an appetite, first young man.”

“I think you should work up an appetite, first young man.”


Franny was running late. She made a lunge for her picnic basket and strapped it to the back of her broom. She had a date with Sheridan by the lake and she was ever so late. She stepped outside her front door, mounted her broom, and with a quick push off the ground was soon high in the air, speeding to meet him.

She found Sheridan, lying naked by the lake, gazing into the twilight sky.

“Sorry I’m late,” said Franny. “Have you been waiting long?”

“Not at all,” said Sheridan. “I’ve been composing a poem in honor of the Man Spell. Would you like to hear it?”



I kissed my witch, both high and low,

I’ve delved into her bosom,

But many a soul is lost inside.

That naughty Franny’s chasm.


A man would travel hill and dale,

From heaven’s gate to hell,

To feel the power of Franny’s lust,

Three Cheers for Franny’s Man Spell.

“Oh Sheridan, you are a dingle.”

“Come here, my sexy, naughty witch.”

At his command, Franny dropped to her knees beside him with the picnic hamper cradled in her arms.

“Ah, what delights are there within?” asked Sheridan. A hungry hand shot to the lid of the basket but, Franny reached across and slapped his wrist,

“I think you should work up an appetite, first young man.”

“Of course, willingly my love but let’s enhance things today. I love it when you use your Man Spell on my cock.”

Franny smiled. “Oh, believe me, so do I.”

Before Sheridan could change his mind she pulled out her wand and performed the Man Spell. Sheridan fell back flat on the grass and watched as his generous cock almost doubled in size.

“God I feel so giddy,” said Sheridan. “But it feels so good.”

With a flick of her wrist, Franny untied the bow round her neck and her travel robe fell to the ground. Naked, she stepped over the prostrate wizard and lowered herself onto his enormous appendage.

“My, that feels wonderful,” Franny sighed. She slipped down as low as she could go till she felt his hips on the skin of her thighs.

Up and down she rode the enormous cock, she’d cast the spell well, she knew exactly what girth would fill her completely and she wriggled with delight on the end of Sheridan’s massive knob.

“You’re one horny little witch,” said Sheridan. His hands reached up to her ample bosom and he began to massage her breasts, maintaining the same rhythm as his gyrating companion.

“Lean forward into my face, baby,” said Sheridan.

At his request Franny flopped forward and her large breasts swung wildly in his face, beating him as she slithered back and forth, working him into an erotic frenzy.

“Fuck ne like a dog,” said Franny.

She popped off Sheridan’s super-sized cock and fell onto all fours on the grass. Eager to please, the young wizard stepped behind
her and thrust into her entry, his hands on her love handles, pulling her onto him.  Thump thump, thump went the enormous cock,, and Franny leaned under to pleasure herself as he pounded.

Their release was fast and well-timed, and when Sheridan’s last drop was shed, he pulled out of Franny and fell with a thud on the grass beside her. Franny watched as the once enormous manhood shrank down to its natural size, and lay both content and sated on its master’s thigh.

“Chicken and wine?” said Franny.

With the incredible energy natural to her sex, Franny immediately jumped up and began emptying the picnic hamper. She pulled out a red checkered cloth and laid it down on the grass. She then opened a bottle of wine and filled a tumbler which she handed to Sheridan.

Sheridan hoisted himself up on one elbow. “Thanks, my lovely.”

Once Franny poured her own glass, Sheridan pulled her down beside him and planted an affectionate kiss on her luscious lips.

“Come here, my lovely. Let’s enjoy the moon rise together.  There’s a beautiful view from here, and after twilight, we can put a hurting on your picnic. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds lovely,” said Franny. She settled down close to Sheridan where she could enjoy the heat from his body.  The wine was refreshing and warmed her belly, and she felt beautiful, young and alive.

Sheridan took her hand just as the moon slipped out from behind a cloud, and together the lovers offered the night their love, but most of all, their thanks for the gift of the Man Spell.

Collage A~Trois! Well, Not Really (Giggles) #asmsg

All my characters

Since I’m in the company of artists, it’s probably no surprise to you how much work goes into the creation of a single drawing, or a single story. Like most writers I post little teasers from time to time, yet always with a touch of sadness as it means earlier work gets pushed forever deeper into the archived belly of this blog.

So today, for grins and giggles, and as a little light relief from the edits to “Kiss of the Marquis,” I made a collage of my prior illustrative works. Since inevitably, sooner or later, it too will be consumed in the history bowels, I’ve used it as the background for my twitter profile, and plan to update it as a wall of naughty infamy to display new works and cover art.  I hope you like it – looks like a super mouse mat to me!

Blessings, break over, time to get back to polishing the new novella.



Meet ‘Drench The Wench’ Characters – Cindy Buttsplash, Brandy and my favorite, Whipgood. #ASMSG

Characters from 'Drench The Wench'

Characters from ‘Drench The Wench’


I’d love to introduce some of the characters in my newly released “Drench The Wench” written by me, P J Perryman, and published by Blushing Books.  You can read more about Cindy in the story sample, listed beneath this post. To find out more about the others, please buy a copy at the Blushing Books website. Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other goodly e-book retailers should list this shortly.

I so hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing them.  All my characters are original – you won’t find anything like them anywhere else!  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this page, or to really help me promote this awesome book, write a review on the Blushing wesbsite or in Goodreads or other such bubbly places.  Fans of “The Man Spell’ will not be disappointed (nudge, nudge, wink wink.)  For now, lots of love and sparkly wishes to my dear readers,


Blushing Mischief Presents… New Amazon & Other Links #ASMSG

Love Interest in A Parisian Dance

Love Interest in A Parisian Dance

 A Spank In Time

A Spank In Time

 A ‘Spank In Time’ by Blushing Mischief can now be purchased following these links: A Spank In Time A Spank In Time

Barnes & Noble A Spank In Time

And, of course, directly from Blushing Books  A Spank In Time

Please buy wherever you feel comfortable.  Let Gabrielle whisper in your ear while you decide…